The Unplanned Career: 25 years in tech without a 3 year plan

Matthew Roche has been working in technology for 25 years, including time spent as a trainer, mentor, consultant, developer, and architect. He's been self-employed, he's co-founded startups, he's worked for small- and medium-sized companies, and for the past 13 years he's been a program manager at Microsoft, working on a wide range of products and services. Starting from humble beginnings, Matthew has achieved successes he could never have imagined...

...but he has never had a plan.

If you've ever looked at people planning their careers but have never quite gotten started on your own, don't despair - this might just be the session you've been looking for.

In this candid talk, Matthew will reflect on the ups and downs of his career and share some of the lessons he's learned along the way. No matter where you are on your career path, there will be something you can take away from this session, which is part inspirational success story, part cautionary tale, and all unplanned.

Matthew Roche

Principal Data Warrior

Syracuse, New York, United States

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