Clean Architecture as Code

"New is always better!" - Not everyone may see it this way, but in my opinion, new often builds upon the old. By embracing new ideas and addressing identified weaknesses, the new often represents an improvement. When we consider this in the context of architectural patterns, the shift from the Layered Architecture as the de facto standard to Ports & Adapters-based architectural patterns like Clean Architecture can be observed as the new de facto standard.

Nevertheless, applying these architectural patterns in one's own projects is a challenge. Building the necessary know-how alongside daily operations can be a significant hurdle. While Hexagonal and Clean Architecture signify quality and flexibility, they also encompass more design rules and principles compared to the Layered Architecture. However, an understanding of their application in the project can be quickly developed.

In "Clean Architecture as Code," I describe the fundamental concepts of the Clean Architecture Pattern using a practical use case. I predominantly use code examples, enriched with as little architectural jargon as possible. My aim is to demonstrate that the learning curve may not be as steep as often presumed and to encourage experimentation.

Matthias Eschhold

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

Stuttgart, Germany

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