Follow the Twin Peaks - More domain knowledge leads to better software architecture

Spare part, order, offer, and customer. All right, we know that! The clarity felt in planning ends when developers encounter open questions during the implementation of user stories. A quick clarification of complex questions or assumptions from the developers often does not lead to success. The result: The software-technical realization does not match the real business requirements and rework is necessary. As a result, effort and costs increase. The project finds itself in a downward spiral due to a lack of domain knowledge and resulting software architecture that cannot support the domain.

The Twin Peaks is a model that describes the importance of the interplay between requirements and architecture. We break the downward spiral by starting at the top of the Twin Peaks and moving down using Domain Storytelling.

In this talk, I will introduce Domain Storytelling and how this method helps to live the Twin Peaks Model in practice. In three sprints we will work together on the first increment of the use case "Ordering spare parts". The methodology Domain Storytelling, tips and tricks for the facilitator as well as the transition to the software architecture will be conveyed interactively. After all, it is probably now up to you to set the decisive impulses for improving the situation in your project context.

Matthias Eschhold

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

Stuttgart, Germany

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