Federations Strike Back

Micro-services and micro-frontends have been with us for a while. At first glance, it looks that these architectural styles are just implementations of the same idea on the backend and on the frontend correspondingly. However, sometimes the whole is more than just a sum of its parts.

GraphQL Schema Federation is a powerful, open architecture for creating a supergraph that combines multiple GraphQL APIs. Webpack Module Federation is a way of organizing each JS build as a container that also consumes other builds as containers. This way each build is able to access any other exposed module by loading it from its container.

In this talk, we will see how GraphQL Schema Federation and Webpack Module Federation together synergize with each other for building modularized language/framework-agnostic distributed applications. The approach can help architects to establish common ground across multiple teams with different languages/frameworks of choice and improve code reusability.

In this session, you'll know how to:
- Make React, Angular, Vue, and/or good old Vanilla JS work together in the same application
- Provide your frontend team with a robust API gateway using GraphQL Schema Federation
- Bundle backend and frontend to make them easily pluggable

Max Arshinov

Solution Architect at EPAM Spain

Málaga, Spain


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