The Team Lead's Cookbook

The role of a team lead can be likened to a master chef who orchestrates the symphony of flavors in a five-course meal. Each course, from project management to business analysis, software architecture, test management, and DevOps, must be prepared and presented with meticulous care and proficiency. More often than not, seasoned developers are asked to don the chef's hat, not because they have trained extensively in this culinary art, but due to their exceptional skill in one particular dish. The challenge lies in not just acclimating to the kitchen but in preparing the entire feast to perfection.

Drawing from over 15 years of experience in the industry, this talk will provide a robust "cookbook" for aspiring and newly minted leads. I'll share the tried-and-true recipes for success I've refined over the years, offering valuable insights and best practices to manage the many facets of tech leadership.

- Our journey begins with project management. I will introduce a set of proven indicators, enabling you to proactively manage risks and ensure the success of your team's work.
- Moving forward, I will show why having a separate system for requirement management is a good idea and how analysts can benefit from using Git.
- Next, we turn our attention to software architecture. We'll step away from the traditional view, instead focusing on the modern "architecture-as-code" approach using C4, ADR, and arc42.
- We'll then venture into the vital realm of test management, specifically looking at test automation and the valuable technique of Spec by Example.
- Finally, we'll explore the world of DevOps, a critical domain that interweaves all the other aspects.

Whether you're just stepping into the team lead role or are a seasoned lead aiming to refine your skills, this talk offers a well-rounded guide for mastering the complex responsibilities of a team lead.

Max Arshinov

Solution Architect at EPAM Spain

Málaga, Spain


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