Web Application Factory Or Real HTTP Client - Take Two

In software testing, the decision between using mock services and real services can greatly impact the outcome and effectiveness of your tests. This talk will delve into this issue with a particular focus on .NET applications, and explore the trade-offs between isolation and accuracy in testing.

The talk will demonstrate a practical example, showing how we can reuse code to perform integration tests with both real and mocked services. This approach allows us to verify that our controller methods function properly under real-world conditions, without having to sacrifice the speed and convenience of local, isolated testing.

We will also explore the role of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and Test Management systems in this testing paradigm. We'll delve into how the dual-pronged approach of using both Web Application Factory and Real HTTP Calls can be seamlessly integrated into your CI/CD pipeline to enhance test efficiency and accuracy. Furthermore, we will discuss how to synchronize these testing strategies with various Test Management systems, ensuring effective tracking, documentation, and overall management of your test cases.

Attendees will leave with a more nuanced understanding of the .NET testing landscape and a set of powerful, reusable code examples to apply in their projects.

Technical details are available here: However, there is much more content in the talk than in the article.

Max Arshinov

Solution Architect at EPAM Spain

Málaga, Spain


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