Max Fritz

Microsoft Teams in a Regulated Environment

Come learn how you can deploy, use, and achieve success with Teams in a regulated environment. Max Fritz, Teams Technical Specialist at Microsoft for Regulated Industries, will show you the strategies and technologies you need to succeed.
You will learn:
- Governance Strategies
- Compliance & Records Management
- Security Options
- Monitoring & Auditing Capabilities
- Training and Enablement

Max Fritz

Microsoft Teams Program Manager

Max is a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Teams for Education at Microsoft. He focuses on improving collaboration and productivity, and has worked with Office 365 for the past ten years. He is a self-proclaimed geek, passionate about a broad range of messaging and collaboration tools and can't stop talking about the technology he loves.
Max is the founder of the Minnesota Microsoft 365 User Group, and holds various Microsoft certifications. Max can be found speaking at Microsoft 365 conferences all over the country.

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