Angular Material: Reward your app with high-quality UI in minutes

Our amazing web applications need high-quality UI components. So we have the Angular app on one hand and Material Design visual language on another. How to combine these without calling designer and spending days on struggling with CSS cross-platform issues and re-inventing client-side code for common UI scenarios? Right! Angular Material, set of reusable, well-tested, and accessible UI components, is going to solve this issue. Let's create our cross-platform, UI-rich app just in minutes. Are you ready for the exploring and coding?

Bonus: after our app is created we'll check its Accessibility, how it's automagically added by Angular Material to allow users of all abilities to navigate, understand, and use our UI successfully.

A practical guide on giving our Angular app a production-grade UI without struggling with layouts, styles and cross-platform issues.

Maxim Salnikov

Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft, Tech Communities Lead, Keynote Speaker

Oslo, Norway

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