The Phantom of the Angular App: Background Services

Your user closes the browser tab and your excellent Angular app immediately disappears. But what if you want to build even better UX by keeping a portion of your app always alive - to send & receive events, to finish network operations, and to run some code even when a user does not have your website open? During my session, let's explore all the possibilities we have in the Service Worker-driven APIs to create true Phantoms of our apps. All for good: to keep the app itself and content always fresh, network operations - resilient, and user - notified.

This is a session about practical usage and the best practices of APIs forming Background Services of the modern browser: Background Fetch, Background Sync, Periodic Background Sync, Web Push. All in the context of Angular apps. First, I explain "why", then introduce the concept of "apps code running in the browsers' background" and then list exact possibilities: what's possible today and where, and what will be possible in the nearest future.

Maxim Salnikov

Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft, Tech Communities Lead, Keynote Speaker

Oslo, Norway

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