Best Practice Microsoft Live Events, Live Streaming and the new Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Teams has helped many companies and the community through the Corona crisis with its meeting features and virtual meetings and events. This has not only kept employees and the community together, we have also gained a lot of experience with live streams, virtual events and new formats, and Microsoft has equipped the Teams platform with new functions such as breakout rooms, togetherness mode or NDI support. And at the Microsoft Ignite a complete revision of the Microsoft Stream video platform was announced

These are the topics we want to talk about in this interactive session. I will give an overview of the current state, my experiences from various live events and looking forward to your questions about technology, equipment like cameras or mics, studio setup, do's and don'ts in live streaming and live events.

Michael Greth

Copilot and Sidekick for the Future Of Work with Microsoft 365

Berlin, Germany


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