Azure AD sync: Optimizing for the future

Stepping into the future of synchronization, Azure AD Cloud Sync emerges as an innovative solution that offers improved speed and resilience, without compromising on features. Yet, how does it stack up against the established Azure AD Connect Sync engine? In this insightful session, delve into the world of Azure AD Cloud Sync and uncover its potential to revolutionize synchronization.

Our talk aims to elucidate the nuances of this new 'Cloud Sync' agent, presenting a clear comparison with the Azure AD Connect Sync engine. We'll unravel the secrets of effectively using both simultaneously, achieving enhanced performance and resilience while maintaining a feature-rich environment. Join us as we navigate the dynamics of Azure AD Cloud Sync, equipping you with the knowledge you need to leverage its full potential right away!

Michael Mardahl

Cloud Architect @APENTO | Microsoft MVP | Swiss Army Brain

Ballerup, Denmark


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