Modernising Authentication Methods like a Boss

In this session, we will explore the process of modernizing authentication methods in Azure AD, focusing on strategies and best practices for migrating away from the classic MFA and SSPR portals.

We will discuss the benefits of the new centralized management approach, such as improved security and simplified management, and how it can help organizations meet the changing needs of today's workforce.

Attendees will learn about key considerations for planning and executing a migration to the new Azure AD portal, including how to assess and prepare for the impact on users and IT staff.

We will also cover best practices for troubleshooting common issues and maintaining compliance during the transition.

This session will provide a detailed-level overview of the new centralized management approach and will be a demonstration and talk about authentication strategies.

This will be almost like a free consulting session, with tons of knowledge sharing and reassurances of how all the gears turn.

Michael Mardahl

Cloud Architect @APENTO | Microsoft MVP | Swiss Army Brain

Ballerup, Denmark


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