PIM: Understanding Real-World Problems

Using Privileged Identity Management (PIM) with Entra roles is a good way to protect against the risks of privilege misuse and identity theft. But, is it perfect? This is something we can look at from different points of view.

We invite you to come and listen to the experiences and solutions shared by our community. This session will share stories and discussions about the challenges and successes with PIM. Whether you're thinking about starting to use PIM, or you're looking to improve how you're currently using it, our session will provide useful insights. Learn from the experiences of others on how to better manage and secure privileged identities in your organization.

As always I will buy lots of candy and find some swag for the audience so they have a great time no matter what, and want to always come back to the Summit. And now me and Jose will loose our jobs, because we share all the secrets of the community!

Michael Mardahl

Cloud Architect @APENTO | Microsoft MVP | Swiss Army Brain

Ballerup, Denmark


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