Michelle Crapo

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The Basic thoughts: Updating skill set From R/3 to Hana

The session will provide some examples on easy to understand switch from "regular" ABAP code to CDS/AMDP. Those can be more of a take home. I'd like to cover the differences and yet another shift between the way we program now to the way we will program in the future. There are so many different languages available. How to tackle the change is hard. This session will reflect the switch to CDS from R/3 ABAP as a first of many steps.

Michelle Crapo

SAP Developer - Furst-McNess Company

Michelle has a lot of years working on projects as an in-house developer. She has done many different things including project management, developer management, BPX, and then back to my love of things technical. She has worked in most of the core sap areas. MM, PP, FICO, WM, IM and MII. She has moved to SAP HANA within the last two years.

I live a rural part of the country. Meaning I have Horses, dogs, and cats. I work from home which is quite fun, but can have challenges.

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