Picture yourself working with an app that has a web and a mobile version, or better yet, just several different types of clients that consume the same APIs but are being built by totally different teams. The functionalities they provide are distinct, hence the need for distinct sets of data and functionalities. You might think that the solution for this is having an “as generic as possible” backend for all UI’s. From my experience, this kind of backend leads to huge issues in matters of performance, entangled user experience as well as extra and unnecessary communication for the development teams to align and meet their needs. Fortunately, there is a promising set of approaches taking the stage as they are created to optimize how front-end applications collaborate with backends: BFF (Backend-For-Frontend) pattern and GraphQL. Given these two approaches, which one is the right to consider? Join me in a talk where we will discuss the two approaches, underline both their good and bad sides, and determine which you should consider as the most appropriate for your frontend application and business context.

Mihaela-Roxana Ghidersa

Signant Health, Technical Lead

Iaşi, Romania


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