Data Science & ML for Software Engineers

One thing I keep observing among Software Engineers is that they either know A LOT about DS & ML, or they avoid it like plague, assuming it's something incomprehendable and reserved for enthusiasts. I think that's a real pity and I want to change that.

I've been dancing primarily on the SE side, but I had lots of interactions with DS & ML. One beautiful thing which might not be obvious is that these disciplines have a very low entry barrier and you can see great results immediately! And I think that's really cool and inviting!

As part of this talk, I will give you a (very short) intro to what DS&ML are, and then jump right into some basic things that you need to know about (samples, features, some statistics & modeling) and then discuss on some real-life examples how you can start training your own models, which tools to use and what's the whole math behind it.

All in all, it will be a pretty intensive and VERY SATISFYING lecture, so I wholeheartedly invite you to join!

Mihailo Joksimovic

Senior Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Belgrade, Serbia


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