Deep-dive into (Windows) Containers, for people in a hurry!

I know. You're busy. And you definitely don't have time to try and understand all the intricacies of WHAT, WHY and HOW of Containers. Hell, you learn how to use it but leave the details for some later time.

I know you're busy. But I also know you will fall in love with containers once you learn some intricacies! Hell, I hated them and now I love them. Can't imagine my life without them!

Here are some of the things that we will cover:

- What containers are and why Docker != Containers
- Containers vs VMs - the eternal battle
- Open Container Initiative (OCI)
- Containers on Windows (COWs, HCS, HCSSHIM, etc.)
- Container Networking & CNI
- Container Images & what's inside them
- Image Layers & Union Mount
- Where Docker fits in all of this?

Come wondering and leave pondering!

Mihailo Joksimovic

Senior Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Belgrade, Serbia


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