Mike Nelson

Information & Communications Technology

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Appleton, Wisconsin, United States

Managing Azure for Citrix Admins

"Citrix has gone "Cloud-First" with their product philosophies and embraced Microsoft's Azure Cloud. But, some Citrix Administrators are feeling a bit left out and in the dark around how to actually use and manage environments in Azure since some have little to no experience in the cloud space. This webinar will try to help overcome the fears of managing Azure and expose how to do it in "Admin-Speak". We will cover the portal and how things are organized and managed, the many features and options available for your use, as well as how to connect and manage from PowerShell. Grab a free Azure subscription if you don't have one already and follow along!"

Mike Nelson

Principal Technologist, Solutions Architect, Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTA, VMware vExpert

Mike's career in information technology spans over three decades, involving a vast array of technologies and solutions. I am very passionate about cutting edge technology, solutions, and knowledge sharing. Mike has been awarded prestigious community contribution awards such as a Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management, a Microsoft Azure Advisor, a Citrix Technology Advocate, and a VMware vExpert and VMware User Group Leader. He is an international speaker at technical conferences, corporations, and user groups.

VMware User Group Co-Leader, Microsoft and Women in Technology Mentor

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