Mike van Zandwijk

Information & Communications Technology

Platform Technology Innovation Microsoft 365 Azure

The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands

Achieve more with the Microsoft 365 productivity platform

Recently Microsoft To-Do and Planner got married. Or at least engaged since those red Outlook follow-up flags flirt with To-Do too. All to boost your productivity. To achieve more. Microsoft 365 also provide hidden gems like Microsoft Bookings, Search and Cortana . Let's explore how you and your team or whole organization can get more productive when you adopt those integrated services.

Mike van Zandwijk

Winvisionair | Editor in (mis)chief | Stagefighter | Ex-Softie

You'll find Mike in the grey areas where Business & IT meet. Often in the role as architect and many more roles due to his 20+ years experience in IT consulting services. Over the last decade at Winvision.nl and the 6 years before at Microsoft Consulting Services as enterprise strategy consultant in the Dutch sub.

In his spare time he writes sci-phi (science-philosophy) stories usually featuring friendly robots with artificial intelligence and other fancy technology onboard, in the cloud and its edges.

  wow365.nl (blog)
  winvision.nl (company)

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