How to become PowerDBA - PowerShell and SQL Server training for a busy SQL Server DBA?

Are you a busy DBA who spends most of the time fixing ad-hoc issues and working on unexpected incidents? Do you wish you have more time to focus on fixing your environment, so there is less unplanned work? Or maybe you do not even have time to know exactly where your estate is hurting?

We have been there and that is why we want to share our hands-on experience with you. During this training session, you will learn about the following modules:
- Chocolatey - the environment to install your
- SqlServerDsc - module containing Desired State Configuration resources for SQL Server. Manage your infrastructure configuration as a code.
- SqlServer - have you heard about SQLPS? SqlServer is the updated version from Microsoft. Some earlier versions come with SSMS, so it is at your disposal.
- dbatools - open-source, community maintained tool that servers as SQL Server Management Studio in the command line. The actual SSMS will feel like an old rusty car in comparison to a robust PowerShell module.
- Pester - a module that helps you to write custom tests to make sure your PowerShell code is always working. You will start writing custom Pester tests even on your home PC.
- dbachecks - Pester wrapper to validate and keep an eye on your estate and track if it follows the best practice. The same stable as dbatools. The same excellent quality.
- AZ.Sql - Authored by Microsoft, alternative way to manage the cloud resources. There is a good chance you won't even open the Azure Portal after this training.
- ImportExcel - Have you ever had to deal with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets but felt like there is too much clicking around? This open-source and free module will help you to create and manage workbooks without Microsoft Office on your machine.

We will start with building the environment and applying the custom configurations from scratch. Once we have a working SQL Server we will see how to be a PowerDBA. We will cover SQL Server patches, database backups and environment refreshes. Migration from one server to another won't be a mystery and a struggle anymore. You will find security management and keeping up with best practices extremely easy. Finding issues in your environment and tracking the progress of fixing them in Power BI dashboards won't be a dream, it will become your reality.

After this full day of training, you will get incredible powerful tools in your DBA tool belt. The tools that not only will make your work easier and more efficient, but you will find time to enjoy your work. More time to make friends. We want you to be our friend.

This workshop is designed to be demo-heavy with PowerPoint slides reduced to a minimum. The goal is that attendees learn about useful tools and why and how to apply them in their environment. Most of the time we will be working with VS Code.

Prior PowerShell knowledge is not required although it will not hurt. Most of these modules can be used with some basic understanding of scripting languages. The workshop is going to be presented in VS Code and Azure Data Studio, but prior experience with that environment is not required. It is expected from the attendees to know at least the basics of SQL Server database administration, including the best practices. This is a session for database administrators who are busy fighting with fires and more efficient tools to be able to work on preventing those in the future. Primary the attendee works with the on-premises estate and works hard on upgrading, migrating the servers to newer versions. The DBAs who work with SQL in the cloud (Azure) may find this session valuable.

Mikey Bronowski

Husband | Dad | DBA | MCT | Data Platform MVP | UG Leader

Southampton, United Kingdom


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