Multi-server agent jobs administration with happy faces and pigeons

This talk will be about multi-server administration using MSX and TSX servers. Built-in feature you may have seen, but was too scared to play with. Will show you how to configure multi-server environment and how to manage it with least possible resources.

What SQL Server and pigeons have in common? Not much, besides that you do not want to be a pigeon - pigeon post to be specific.
I have been a DBA pigeon in my past. Managing hundreds of SQL Servers and visiting every single SQL Agent to setup the maintenance jobs, backup jobs or any jobs that would help me to keep the servers up and running. Sometimes using SQL scripts, other times Powershell scripts to deploy or update new jobs, but it was still the same ol' way. Flying between instances like a bird. Until, one day, I found out about MSX and TSX! And now my life is full of happy faces! I want your face to be happy too.

In this session you will learn how easy is to setup this hidden and forgotten feature of SQL Server. Will show you how quick is to make a master server and add some new target servers. If you discover an urge to go back to your shop and make a revolution - you can leave before the end - to save the world! Your world!

The pigeon says: "coo roo-c'too-coo"

Mikey Bronowski

Husband | Dad | DBA | MCT | Data Platform MVP | UG Leader

Southampton, United Kingdom


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