Mirko Colemberg

Information & Communications Technology

Modern Workplace Microsoft Intune EMS em&s ConfigMgr M365

Solothurn, Switzerland

Overview about Win 10 Security and beyond

In a today's world the Security madness has reached a new level, Microsoft is investigating hard to new Stuff to protect Environments, we talk in this session about ATA, O365 Security Board, WDATP and Cloud ab security how it works and what can I see and react to my clients. In this Session you can see and learn about all the aviailable products to protect, analys and react for potential Problems in your Environment.

Mirko Colemberg

Workplace Sommelier, MCT, MVP, WIMVP

Mirko is MCT, MVP and computer scientist, he works as a Workplace Sommelier at baseVSION. Since the
beginning of the RIS server with unattended installation, OS deployment is the topic he has been familiar
with. Nowadays, he is specialized in Microsoft deployment products such as WDS, MDT, ConfigMgr, Autopilot etc..
He helps customers to perform Windows 10 updates or migrations with the products mentioned above, supports
them in their projects and thus adds value to his clients. Furthermore, Modern Workplace Management
changes a lot in everyday working life. Since Mirko is one of the leading experts in the field
of "Modern Workplace" in Switzerland, he is your contact person for the future.


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