One Codebase for Mobile, Desktop and Web Using .NET MAUI Blazor

With the introduction of .NET MAUI Blazor a lot was promised with regard to code-reusability and the ability for developers to build for android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and the Web. However, there is still limited information about HOW to accomplish this goal, and limited architecture guidance to do this effectively.

This session will explore architecture patterns, including a sample project, that demonstrates utilizing .NET MAUI Blazor, as well as a Blazor WASM application to use a single codebase to build an application that can service clients on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and the web.

A focus on project structures, best practices, limitations, and how this can be used on your OWN project will be a focus. All session materials are based on real-world implementations that are in production now.

Mitchel Sellers

Flying Code Ninja!

Ankeny, Iowa, United States

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