Revolutionizing Communication: Mastering Two-Way Text Messaging Application Interactions

In today's constantly connected, always available world, effective communication is paramount for businesses and organizations to thrive. Two-way text messaging applications have emerged as powerful tools to facilitate real-time, personalized, and interactive conversations with customers, clients, and stakeholders. This conference session aims to delve deep into the world of implementing these interactions and unlocking their potential for enhancing engagement, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

This session will explore not only the technical how of implementation but will also explore the personal, legal, and emotional considerations regarding the proper application architecture to ensure that a truly effective communication strategy can be realized.

With an example application at hand, the session will explore feature enablement, user experience expectations, feature support, and regulatory impacts of SMS messaging implementation projects.

Attendees will leave with the tools and insights to create their own solutions within their apps to better service customers in a manner that is repeatable, reliable, and relatable to a wide variety of users.

Mitchel Sellers

Flying Code Ninja!

Ankeny, Iowa, United States


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