All Paths Lead to Production: A Fast Paced Guide to delivering Spring Boot Apps to PROD!

Production is where the full value of our Spring Boot apps is realized, and Spring Boot is just as versatile in deployment as it is in development.

Spring Boot offers developer-first means of creating various deployable artifacts including, but not limited to:

* JARs
* Executable JARs
* Fully executable JARs
* Native images
* Container images

Additionally, target environments can include:

* Physical deployment targets (IaaS or no)
* Machines, virtual machines (IaaS)
* Container runtimes/orchestrators (CaaS)
* Application environments (PaaS)

In this session, the presenter discusses and *demonstrates with real Spring Boot applications* how to optimize your deployment choices for best results, tailored to your unique circumstances. Dev tools that force a "one size fits all" approach onto developers offer more problems than solutions; Spring Boot provides great options that place the power in your hands. Come to this session to learn more!

Mark Heckler

The Java Pilot! Principal Cloud Developer Advocate for Java/JVM Languages at Microsoft

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