RSocket + Spring : A Full Throttle Introduction

You've evolved from monolith to microservices, from blocking code to reactive, all in pursuit of better scaling and resource maximization. And you're _so close_! How do you cross the final frontier - the network boundary - and wring out the ultimate in system performance, flexibility, and resilience...and _system-wide_ scalability?

Enter RSocket, a transport-independent binary protocol. Building upon the reactive streams paradigm and Project Reactor, RSocket knocks down the (network) walls separating your microservices and enables you to truly treat them as a fully-interconnected system while providing mechanisms that increase flexibility and resilience instead of reducing it.

RSocket has four interaction models to support all the use cases:

* request/response
* request/stream
* fire & forget
* channel (bi-directional stream)

Combining Spring Boot with RSocket gives you the fastest, most developer-friendly way to explore and exploit your reactive superpowers. Come to this session for a full throttle, live-coding adventure introducing Spring Boot RSocket mechanisms & models and showing how to put them to work for you. All examples will be coded *live & in real-time*!

Mark Heckler

The Java Pilot! Principal Cloud Developer Advocate for Java/JVM Languages at Microsoft

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