I For One Welcome Our Robot Overlords: How To Build Trust In Test Automation

Nowadays, creating test automation is table stakes for ensuring a minimal level of quality during the software development life cycle. Software geeks all across the world understand that creating automated tests is almost a non negotiable. But what happens after the tests are created? How do we know they actually help? How do we ensure the juice is carefully squeezed, creating a trusted, respected and ever evolving safety net? If any of these questions seem familiar conundrums, come join me as I share how my team was able to create a test automation mindset, which helps us prevent bugs and encourages collaboration in a cross functional, distributed, always changing space. This cross-role talk will focus on how to engage cross functional teams to build a cross team testing suite, and is suited to all technical levels. Attendees will walk away with a repeatable process aimed at constantly improving trust and impact of test automation, leading to quicker defect detection.

Maciej Konkolowicz

Site Reliability... Quality...kind of my thing.

Detroit, Michigan, United States

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