Failures and learnings during the adoption of DDD: examples from the real world

Domain-Driven Design is no silver bullet and does not solve any problem in magical ways. The challenges and complexity that we try to tackle with DDD are hard and there is no easy way out. Nevertheless there is a growing popularity and appreciation for the topic in the market which may lead to overly ambitious expectations and eventually to disgruntled expectations.

The speaker of this talk has been working with Domain-Driven Design for the last 17 years on many software systems and this talk is about my experiences with failure. Believe me: I have failed a lot but there is always a chance to learn. The talk aims at giving you a chance to learn from the mistakes of me as an consultant and of the teams / organizations I have been working with.

The talk will address topics like:
- Domain-Driven Design in the waterfall
- Ignorance for code (aka only focus on strategic design)
- Overusage of patterns for their own sake
- Cultural implications
- Cargo Culting
- Developer Experience
- Rare availability of domain experts
- Dealing with established modeling techniques / methods
- Ignorance for the definitions / meaning of heuristics and patterns

This talk aims at providing you with a sensibility for potential hazards when you try to adopt DDD for your team and your organization and will contain only real-worlds scenarios that have actually happened. Each described failure will also come with a learning on what to do better.

This will be an interacive talk during which you, the audience will be asked questions and polls (through an online tool). You will be able to participate.

Michael Plöd

INNOQ - Fellow

Nürnberg, Germany


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