Riding the elevator: DDD in the penthouse

In his book "The Software Architect Elevator" Gregor Hohpe uses the analogy of an elevator in a high building for the daily work which software architects should be doing: They are supposed to talk to folks who build and maintain stuff in the engine room but also make sure that the managment which is residing on the penthouse floors understand and gain interest in what is happening in the engine room.

In my talk I will build upon Gregors ideas and show you how you can leverage ideas from Domain Driven Design in this daunting communication tasks. But rest assured: I will not only present the obvious strategic Domain Drivend Design elements like core / supporting / generic subdomains here. We will go deeper and explore links to other initiatives in an org like DevOps, Agile and / org Design Thinking as well which are of interest for the leadership of an organization.

We as a community should get better at this topic because Domain Driven Design needs a healthy, blame free and safe environment in order to flourish and this environment needs to be established and lived by the leadership folks.

PS: The talk idea and usage of Gregors elevator analogy have been approved by Gregor

Michael Plöd

INNOQ - Fellow

Nürnberg, Germany


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