Your tech stack is beautiful, but so is your domain

Of course we all love our favorite technologies and of couse it is important to understand your tech stack as a developer. Certainly you become a great developer or architect by understanding modern patterns and architectures.

But isn’t it a bit boring to just churn out code just for codes sake?

In this talk I want to motivate you to leave your comfort zone and to take a step back. This talk aims at motivating you as a developer or an architect to dig deep into the domain of your business and your product. I firmly believe that this will make you a great and especially a more valuable developer. If we understand the business we can make better design choices as developers / architects. We can highlight misalignments in our organization. We will be able to come up with better tests.

This talk will not just be limited to the motivating side of this topic. I will also give you tons of hints and tips how you can get started in this journey, who your allies may be and how to tackle this difficult task. This talk will also come with many examples of success and failure from the real world. I guess we will laugh a lot during this session but sometimes we’ll also shake our heads in utter disbelieve in those 50 minutes.

Michael Plöd

INNOQ - Fellow

Nürnberg, Germany


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