Azure Data Integration Pipelines - A Complete Introduction

Azure Data Factory along with other Integration Pipeline technologies is now a core resource for any data platform solution, offering critical control flow and data flow capabilities. In this session we’ll take and end-to-end look at our Azure based data pipeline tools when orchestrating highly scalable cloud native services. In this complete introduction session, we will cover the basics of Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics Pipelines. What do we need to build cloud ETL/ELT workloads? What’s the integration runtime? Do we have an SSIS equivalent cloud data flow engine? Can we easily lift and shift existing SSIS packages into the cloud? The answers to all these questions and more. Come to this session knowing nothing about Azure Data Integration Pipelines and leave with enough knowledge to start building pipelines tomorrow.

Paul Andrew

Co-Founder & CTO of Cloud Formations | Microsoft MVP

Derby, United Kingdom


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