How Can Microsoft Fabric Have an Impact on Your Business?

All this talk about Data-Ware-Lake-Delta-Beach-House-Lakes (or some combination of that) and Data, Yarn, Fabric integration, everything has got a bit… Meshy! Yes, my friends. The beat of the technology drum is certainly relentless. And with no limits cloud scale and huge innovations from the biggest brains. Two years, it seems, has become the benchmark for tools to live and die by. Reach three years and you almost have a mature product. That said, Microsoft Fabric, the latest offering from global software giant is no exception. But what does this mean for the real world. For the data analysts, engineers and scientists that need to continue answering everyday problems to inform business decisions. In this session we will firmly ignore the hype and focus on the reality. With the pragmatic view of an experienced architect. The problem of gaining insights from our data hasn’t changed. So, what does this mean if implemented using Microsoft Fabric. What, why and how is the tooling going to change our daily deliverables in the short term, medium and long term. Join me for these answers and more as we explore the impact of Microsoft Fabric-Server, erm, Power. Resource. Thing!

Paul Andrew

Co-Founder & CTO of Cloud Formations | Microsoft MVP

Derby, United Kingdom


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