Revival of the 'Boring' Webapps

So, your application needs a web interface. Looking at today's trends, you might think JavaScript frameworks are reigning: React, Vue, Angular and many more. On the language axis, JavaScript got company from TypeScript, Web Assembly and even C#.

But it's not all single-page applications that glitter! Of course, a single-page app delivers highly dynamic and interactive user interfaces, but at what expense? What if we revisited some of the ages past, when the server generated our web pages? Would that still be an option today, and what benefits would that bring us? What approaches would we have if we chose that direction, and how would they compare? And how can we satisfy the ever-changing requirements of users for more interaction and dynamic behaviours?

Join me on a trip down memory lane so that we can appreciate 'boring' web applications again. We'll investigate today's options for keeping things simple. Of course, we'll see the contestants in action. This doesn't have to be boring, after all...

Maarten Mulders

👨🏻‍💻 Consultant ~ 🧑🏻‍🏫 Trainer ~ 🗣️ Speaker ~ 🏆 Java Champion

Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

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