How to secure your email (data) - black belt edition

Email is still the most commonly used service within every organization. Of course, SMTP traffic is encrypted in transition (by default) but what about the rest of the journey? And what about preventing and detecting phishing, spoofing, malware and SPAM?
What options are available by default within Office 365 – Exchange Online and what does Office 365 ATP (P1/P2) add to the mixture?
In this session we’ll cover topics like OME and the new (default) options within EXO/EOP. We’ll show you how ATP adds extra value on top of these with features like Threat Explorer, Threat Tracker, Automated Investigation and Response and the rich reports + alerting.
Join this demo rich session and get guidance on how to keep your email (data) secure.

Michel van Vliet

Senior Cloud Consultant

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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