Niall Merrigan

Website fuzzies

Do you know how your application will react when you throw the kitchen sink at it? What about when you add the water and plumbing? ;Most developers don’t think to use application fuzzers as part of their tests and this leaves nice security gaps for amateurs and professionals to find.;In this session, you will learn what application fuzzers are, how to use them and examples of using these tools to find vulnerabilities in your code before you deploy to the wild.;This session is rated at 200-300 for an audience of developers and testers. Pre knowledge of security concepts if not required, however knowledge of web application development and general web principles will make this session more enjoyable and relevant for you.

Niall Merrigan

Security Tech Person

Niall is an Irish guy who managed to end up in Norway after finding out the country existed when he was in New Zealand. He works at Microsoft helping customers with their technology investments. He has very strong opinions on security, web tech, food and wine. (company)

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