Overcoming the Tyranny of Technical Debt

In the last few years, Revenue Cycle Scheduling has turned a corner in the way that we treat technical debt. We have been absolutely crushing our defect backlog, being pro-active in finding new issues, and knocking out thousands of hours of wasted time in builds and process. You might wonder how we get time to do all of this?

This session will explore our decision to allocate 20% of our engineering time for addressing technical debt, including some specific data to prove that the move has been well worth it. This talk will benefit anyone contemplating an increased investment in their technical debt, anyone looking to improve overall quality of their solution, and anyone wanting to understand the factors involved in choosing to invest in technical debt. We will explore the rationale and perspective of multiple roles involved in this journey for our organization in an attempt to help you build the case you need to successfully push for more effectively reducing your own technical debt backlog.

Nick Centonze

Lead Engineering Manager - Revenue Cycle Scheduling

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