Kotlin multiplatform + Domain models = ❤️

In most of the applications we write, most of the domain model with all the crucial business logic only lives in the backend to ensure consistent behavior of a system. But with Kotlin multi-platform, that same domain model can suddenly also be used in your user-facing applications.

In this talk, we will look at what that means for the applications you build. What does your code look like when you share your domain model? How do you ensure that that domain model is re-usable? What kind of trouble can you run into and what techniques can you use to avoid that trouble? And how does the ability to use the full domain model benefit the user experience? And last but not least, how can your organizational team structure make this way of working a huge success or a road towards disaster?!

Nico Krijnen

Tech Lead, bridging strategy, technology & organization | Speaker on DDD, Code Quality, DevOps | Cloud Solution Architect at Luminis

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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