Finding and managing ownerless Teams using Power Automate

Why do ownerless Teams occur?
Ownerless Teams occur as part of the joiners, movers leaver process. An administrator removes the user from the Team or closes their account. If they were the only Team owner then the Team becomes ownerless.
Because the is no ‘out of the box’ and simple process for the admin to check if the user is an owner of any Group the process often gets overlooked.

What is the issue with ownerless Teams?
1 The Group has no accountability
2 Membership requests to join private groups stay unapproved because no owner exists to process requests.
3 If the Azure AD Access reviews or Expiration reviews are enforced then who reviews the requests.

How can I minimize ownerless Teams?
This session will show you how to minimize ownerless Teams by building a Power Automate Flow to automate the process of reassigning Team ownership when a Team owner either moves roles or leaves the organization.

Nikki Chapple

Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay | MVP

London, United Kingdom

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