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Autoscale containers to handle event driven workloads

Kubernetes based Event Driven Autoscaling (KEDA) project helps in scaling containers based on events. In this session, we will explore how to use .Net Core Docker containers to consume RabbitMQ messages. The RabbitMQ Producer and Consumer are deployed to Azure Kubernetes Service cluster. The consumers will be autoscaled based on the number of messages. We also see the power of Serverless computing with the extension of Kubernetes cluster workloads to Azure Container Instances (ACI).

The source code and various presentations, youtube recordings related to this session are available on Github

Nilesh Gule

Passionate about software with a motto "Code with Passion and strive for Excellence"

Microsoft Azure MVP | Hands on Architect with more 2 decades of industry experience in the Finance, Retail and Healthcare domain. One of the early adopters of cloud native technologies with vast experience in architecting distributed systems. Blogger, Speaker, Technical Evangelist, lifelong learner. When not thinking or talking about technology, I like watching the game of Cricket.

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