Nilesh Gule

Information & Communications Technology

Finance & Banking

Singapore, Singapore

Resilient Microservices Architecture with AKS

Microservices architecture is becoming quite common nowadays. Microservices have been around for some time, but container technologies are helping organisations to adopt new tools and techniques at a much faster pace. The talk will demonstrate how to build resilient Microservices using specific design patterns. Some of the patterns we will cover
1 - Timeout design patterns
2 - Circuit breaker design pattern
3 - Retry design pattern
4 - Bulkheads design pattern

Nilesh Gule

Passionate about software with a motto "Code with Passion and strive for Excellence"

Microsoft Azure MVP | Hands on Architect with more 2 decades of industry experience in the Finance, Retail and Healthcare domain. One of the early adopters of cloud native technologies with vast experience in architecting distributed systems. Blogger, Speaker, Technical Evangelist, lifelong learner. When not thinking or talking about technology, I like watching the game of Cricket.

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