How to effectively spy on your systems

OpenTelemetry has quickly become the go-to industry standard for distributed tracing, logging, and metrics. Its widespread adoption across the industry, including the .NET ecosystem, has made it a breeze to use in your applications. But larger, more complex systems introduce challenges that require us to strengthen our understanding of observability, align on our observability goals, and better understand the full capabilities of the OpenTelemetry project.

We need to understand how to choose the right observability signal for each use case, apply a set of best practices to the telemetry we collect, manage costs through different sampling strategies, and select the optimal architecture by leveraging the OpenTelemetry Collector. In this session, you'll learn the right questions to ask and gain a deeper understanding of the available options in the observability space to become more effective in spying on your systems!

Laila Bougria

Software Engineer at Particular Software, speaker and knitting addict.

Antwerpen, Belgium


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