Tech person – your physical body exists

This is a wellness story along my road from tech-geek to a fit-tech-geek. What “works for me”, my advice and guidance, is intended to inspire and amuse. I learned about my body – physiologically, metabolically, and I learned how to work out. No need to feel like I did, like a fool when I stumbled into a gym. You can get past that, and I am here to show you how!
As a tech-geek I have a busy life full of work, family, friends, and community. Fortunately, many of my priorities overlap, but they also share a negative common trait. I can do most of these things from the comfort of my home office desk, never moving one step. That just isn’t healthy.
My personal wellness journey started a few years ago when I noted my pants size was slowly but steadily increasing, my wardrobe felt ever tighter, and if I saw a photo of myself, I’d think – well that could look better. I did not feel strong, alert, or satisfied with my appearance. Something had to change. They say, “you must make time for health, or you will make time for sickness”.
The promise I made to myself is to love myself by making my physical body a first-class member of the tools of life. Physical activity is a natural part of my routine, and I am no longer satisfied if I am forced to skip training. In addition to physical wellness, this has increased my mental strength, my endurance, and my emotional wellbeing. All these gains are beneficial not only to me but to my loved ones too.
Anyone can start to make this change. You can commit to include health in your life too! In fact, every day is a good day to start working out. I’m going to the gym today – want to come along?

Magnus Mårtensson

CEO | Azure MVP | Microsoft Regional Director

Malmö, Sweden


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