Turning Azure Platform recommendations into gold

Going to the Cloud is hard. The realization is that the journey toward the cloud never ends – because clouds are always in motion.
* Financial optimization is critical and as your user base changes optimizations must change.
* Compliance in the cloud is like catching a fast-moving cloud with a hand net. We need to be compliant, but how is that supposed to be possible?
* Security is also ever evolving with new threats to relate to and protect against.
Good news is that most all the data you need to keep tabs on these cloud challenges is available from your cloud provider Azure. It is not very difficult to collect the data you need to create actions that need to be taken to decrease cost, manage compliance, and strengthen security.
Reality is that very often organizations are challenged to have the right responsibilities assigned to the right people or teams so that people are empowered to be accountable for these required continuous improvements. On top of that, it is additionally challenging for any organization to allocate enough time and budget to keep up with these illusive challenges.
In this session we will walk through the data points provided by Azure, describe the posture we must take to drive success, and map out the targets ahead to a successful Cloud journey!

Magnus Mårtensson

CEO | Azure MVP | Microsoft Regional Director

Malmö, Sweden


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