Domain-Driven Design Building Blocks in Code with xMolecules

A core part of tactical design in DDD are fundamental stereotypes that can be assigned to model elements. It allows assigning particular roles to them to support our ability to navigate the model and – to some degree – constrain implementation options in the solution space. Still, expressing those higher-level abstractions in code has been a challenge to development teams until today.

xMolecules is a framework-independent library that allows expressing architectural and design concepts in code of various programming languages, to verify whether it adheres to the rules the concepts imply and, optionally, derive integration into technical platforms or generate documentation.

The talk gives an overview about jMolecules, the Java flavor of the project, describes the fundamental approach applicable to other language ecosystems as well and how developers would use the provided abstractions. The examples show the integration with Spring Boot and related technologies, as well as how to extract useful documentation from the codebase.

Oliver Drotbohm

Member of the Spring Engineering Team @ VMware

Dresden, Germany

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