Tactical Domain-Driven Design with Java

The building blocks of tactical Domain-Driven Design (DDD) define atomic design concepts for domain models. They define semantics, rules and guide developers how to structure code to develop complex business logic. However, the implementation of those in Java usually leads to some technical challenges.

In this workshop, we look at different approaches and tools that support developers building rich domain models in Java: the jMolecules library, that allows expressing DDD concepts in code and that provides integration with many ubiquitous technologies like Spring, Jackson and various persistence technologies. For Spring Boot applications, the Spring Modulith project supports developers to implement business modules, the interaction among them using events, their testability and documenting them.

This workshop can be delivered from 2 to 8 hours, effectively only varying in depth of the content, which can in turn vary based on the interest of the audience.

Oliver Drotbohm

Member of the Spring Engineering Team @ VMware

Dresden, Germany


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