Libraries that make tests bring joy!

Tests are essential to developer productivity, but without proper care, they quickly stop being a fun way to know if the code is working and become a chore!

The best way to avoid this pitiful situation is to use libraries that simplify everyday tasks making working with tests a joy!

In this session, we'll look at a collection of libraries making tests enjoyable. Libraries that take care of the chores from environment setup, to generating test data, to working with asynchronous events without the silliness of timeouts, to fluently working with network queries, to mocking whole services like a pro!

Join us for a quick and fun overview of what libraries you should add to your projects and how they all combine to make tests bring joy!

JUnit 5 advanced features, awaitility, restassured, testcontainers
Working with data: instancio, synthesized tdk, wisser/jailer
Pi-test for mutation tests

Oleg Šelajev

Testcontainers & Developer relations at Docker.

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