Guerilla DevRel 2.0 - How to start community programs and *survive* in a big enterprise culture?

In 2021 I gave a talk about “Guerilla DevRel” at DevRelCon 2021. “How to start DevRel and turn around the culture without burning out”, I said. Oh well, actually I was recovering after one burnout and depression, and heading into much more turbulence. So, here is a 2.0 edition!

Many developers care about end user experience, especially when those end users are other fellow developers. But do their companies really care? Despite the product-led growth buzz, not everyone has a DevRel strategy beyond slides. “Top-to-bottom sales for the win”, “let’s work with VPs” they say. Can a single contributor turn around the culture and introduce developer relations in a big company? Maybe! Can they burn out in the process? Well, I did.

We will talk about setting up developer relations and open communications culture in a rigid enterprise environment. How to get started without any resources? How to find allies and avoid making foes? What could possibly go right (sic!)? And how to actually make a difference and prove it? What is InnerSource and how is it related to this talk? And, if you end up in a similar situation, I will be happy to share some tips on how to preserve yourself and avoid burnout, from me and other DevRel folks with similar stories.

Oleg Nenashev

Community Builder, CNCF Ambassador, Jenkins core maintainer

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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