[R]Evolution of Open Source CI/CD

How do Open Source and DevOps cultures impact CI/CD? "Open source is eating the world". The same happens with the domain of automation tools, including continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions. There are many open-source CI/CD tools or open-source ecosystems on the market: Jenkins, Spinnaker, Woodpecker, GitLab, Tekton, BuildBot, etc. There are many generations of these tools, with their architectures and use cases. We will talk about these tools and their evolution.

What changed since CI was introduced 20 years ago? How do Open Source, InnerSource, and DevOps impact the landscape? What's next for the tools: cloud-native environments, machine learning, etc.? How do open-source foundations, including the Continuous Delivery Foundation, participate in the evolution of developer tools and facilitate them?

Oleg Nenashev

Community Builder, CNCF Ambassador, Jenkins core maintainer

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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