Data science and network analysis in aspects of artificial intelligence

How is AI connected to data science?
The goal of big data analytics using AI is to automate data analysis and make the process faster, more accurate, and more scalable, enabling organizations to harness the full potential of their data and gain a competitive advantage.

If you are using any social media applications, you may have experienced the friend or follower suggestions functions. Have you ever wondered how these functions work? One common technology used in these cases is Network Analysis.

What is a Network?
A network refers to a structure representing a group of objects/people and the relationships between them. It is also known as a graph in mathematics. A network structure consists of nodes and edges. Here, nodes represent objects we are going to analyze while edges represent the relationships between those objects.

For example, if we are studying a social relationship between Facebook users, nodes are target users and edges are relationships such as friendships between users or group memberships. In Twitter, edges can be following/follower relationships.

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