The Future of Music-Tech Industry

I am proud to take an active part as a participant in a panel that will deal with music and technology - we will deal with the question of what is Tech Music?
How were the barriers of the work and music industry broken? and what
The impact of technology on other industries and
Life at all?
Moderator and producer of the conference - dear David Friedman.
Participants: Dov Moran, Eyal Hulta, Yossi Vardi,
Sharon Moldavi, Roital Hollander, Yaki Gani, Shirley Viner, Yael Alter,
And selfish - Or Menor.

I invite you to join a thought-provoking and inspiring event, in Havre
Leading hi-tech entrepreneurs, executives from the music industry and strategists
From the worlds of Tech Music, shows the connection between the music industry
For technological innovation that changes the world.

Or Manor

Innovation Social Club - Founder & Network leader , Founder of Global Ventures

Tel Aviv, Israel


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